We make every mealtime a special occasion with our handmade tablewares. The brilliant designs bring simplicity with extra-ordinary elegance to every dining table. Some of our capiz tablewares are placemats, coasters, plate chargers, plates, bowls, saucers, serving dishes, dish trays, fruit bowls, napkin rings, etc. We also have handmade table runners, placemats and other eco-friendly tablewares.

Table Runners

  • Comes in different elegant designs
  • All made of natural fibers
  • With optional set of placemat
  • Size :  13 x 70 inches

Placemat Set

  • Materials used are Abaca, Lupis, Seagrass
  • 6pcs per set
  • With optional set of Table Runner
  • Size: 13 x 19 inches

Capiz Tablewares

  • Material used is capiz shells (scientific name: placuna placenta) or commonly known as windowpane oyster
  • Plate chargers, bowls, saucers, dish trays, placemats, coasters, candy dishes, napkin rings, plates.
  • Comes in different shapes, colors and sizes according to your requirement.

Kindly click each item for larger view.

Table Runners
001 Lupis w/ Seagrass 002 Fine Abaca w/ Seagrass 003 Lupis
004 Lupis 005 Lupis  
Placemat Set
Placemat 001 Lupis Rectangular 001 Rectangular 002
Round 003 oval sunflower 004 oval 005
set of coasters (solid color) Placemat 002 Lupis Placemat 003 Lupis
Placemat 004 Fine Abaca with Seagrass Placemat 005 Lupis Placemat 006 Fine Abaca
Placemat 007 Fine Abaca    
Coco Dish Bowl 1 Coco Dish Bowl 2 Capiz Napkin Ring
Shell Napkin Ring Shell Napkin Ring 004 Capiz Fish Plate
Capiz Plate Charger Capiz Small Sushi Plate Capiz Candy Dish
Capiz Square Plate Capiz Saucers Capiz Dish Plate Set
Capiz Sushi Plate Diamond Shaped Saucers Capiz Decor 001
Capiz Placemat 001
Capiz Placemat 003
Capiz Placemat 003
Capiz Placemat 001
Capiz Placemat 002 Round Fruit Bowl
Irregular Shape Fruit Bowl Lotus Fruit Bowl Small Bowls
Lotus Candy Dish Set Round Smoke Placemat Round Coasters
Smoke Round Plate Charger Square Bowl Square Dish
Plated Napkin Holder    


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