Celebrate Christmas with our capiz lanterns made of all-natural eco-friendly Capiz Shells. Capiz is commonly known as windowpane oyster. The blinking light bulbs are added to bring high-spirited atmosphere. These handmade lanterns are used for christmas decoration, christmas ornament, holiday lighting, holiday decoration, home decoration, garden decoration. Our capiz lanterns, Philippine handicrafts, are known for being of high-quality, unique and world-class.

Feel the spirit of Christmas and be mesmerized with the extra-ordinary appeal of our Christmas decors! 

Below are some features of our Capiz Lanterns: 

  • Approximately 2-4 inches thick
  • Comes in different colors, designs and sizes to choose from: 18, 24 and 36
  • 100% natural capiz shell
  • With blinking time-sequenced light patterns
  • Small doors/windows are provided at the back for bulb replacement
  • In 110V or 220V depending on your requirement

Individually wrapped in bubble sheets and placed in customized boxes, then in master boxes. 

Samples can be ordered at any quantity. Full payment for samples including courier cost should be settled first via Telegraphic Transfer prior to shipment of samples via Fedex.        

Lead time/ Production capacity :
Approx. 1,000 to 1,500 pcs per month depending on the design and availability of materials.

Minimum Order Quantity :
50 pcs (assorted; atleast 5 pcs per design). For orders lower than MOQ, there will be an additional charge of $100 for processing of documents and BFAR Certificate (Bureau of Fisheries). 

The player will show in this paragraph

Click on the video above to see the blinking lights

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3443 3446 3451
3456 3459 4441
4442 4443 4444
Hanging Lantern 001 Hanging Lantern 002 Hanging Trio

We also have other kinds of lanterns for everyday use. These come in different shapes, sizes and colors, with or without lights/wiring. We manufacture different kinds of Philippine handicrafts and novelties, handmade gift items, eco-friendly home decorations and furnishings.


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